Yo Quiero Taco Bell Hotel…. It’s hot, cheesy, and Instagram friendly !

By matt-amico June 27, 2019

Taco Bell, the chain that dared to dream up both fourth meal and the taco with a fried chicken shell, has an oddball stunt in the works that will either be a massive hit or a Fyre Fest-esque disaster. Later this summer, the chain will open the Bell, a hotel and resort in Palm Springs, California that will appeal to only the most-devoted Nachos Bellgrande lovers out there. Here’s everything you need to know about the experience, in question and answer form:

Is the Taco Bell hotel a real thing, or just some fake, brand-hype nonsense?

It’s real, but the experience is perhaps best described as a “pop-up hotel.” The company that gave the world the Crunchwrap Supreme is taking over an existing hotel — the V Palm Springs — for a four-night experience that will include DJs, hot yoga, cocktail hours, movie screenings, branded mani-pedis, pool parties with live performances, and an array of Taco Bell dishes served throughout the day, including a few items that have not been officially released to the public yet. Unlike Sandals, the Bell is not an all-inclusive experience, so all the food, drinks, and apparel will be available for purchase.

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